Edmonton is at the centre of commerce, home to the people, prosperity and profits envied around the world. At Edmonton Economic Development, we ensure success is forever at our city’s core.

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Performance at a glance

The Edmonton region economy is growing faster than any other jurisdiction in North America and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Advancing into new industries, growing our labour force, delivering record profits to Edmonton enterprises – business simply works differently out here.

Income Growth 2011

Source: Statistics Canada, T1 Family File

Inflation Rate 2013

Source: Statistics Canada, Consumer Price Index

Unemployment Rate 2013

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey


Peter Diamandis talks abundance at E-Town Festival 2014

Each year EEDC brings together the leading minds in business, creativity, and innovation from across Canada and the world to inspire Edmonton’s entrepreneurial-minded and accelerate the drive to compete within the region. This year’s E-Town Festival took place September 11 and 12, 2014 and did not disappoint. For fans of E-Town or those who are curious about… More

Strength Become Weakness

Great companies evolve. Great people evolve. Great institutions evolve. Apple Computer has evolved. James Bond has evolved. LEGO has evolved. Bill Clinton has evolved. Hell, even Earls Restaurant has evolved. Good organizations are built on strengths, but great organizations understand that those very strengths soon become their weakness, and they need to evolve in order… More

Hey, How Can I Help?

Almost two years has passed since I started this fanatical journey of civic promotion, and I have been astounded by the escalating pride that Edmontonians continue to emote. What once was a city struggling with identity and self-esteem is transforming quickly into one filled with aspiration and conviction. It’s a transformation that has caught the… More