Edmonton is at the centre of commerce, home to the people, prosperity and profits envied around the world. At Edmonton Economic Development, we ensure success is forever at our city’s core.

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Performance at a glance

The Edmonton region economy is growing faster than any other jurisdiction in North America and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Advancing into new industries, growing our labour force, delivering record profits to Edmonton enterprises – business simply works differently out here.

Income Growth 2011

Source: Statistics Canada, T1 Family File

Inflation Rate 2013

Source: Statistics Canada, Consumer Price Index

Unemployment Rate 2013

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey


It’s a Team Sport

Win after win after win. That is what is being felt across the city at an unprecedented level. With a renewed confidence and kickstarted by moving forward with the new downtown arena decision, our city has been flooded by great news over the last six months.

Abundance vs. Necessity

Enroute back from Iceland, somewhere over the Atlantic. It’s a beautiful sight, the vastness of our Canadian Arctic, true north strong and free, when compared to a small, isolated island state like Iceland. The contrasts were noticeably obvious, but the unexpected insights were like gifts which I will freely share. I come back a little… More

What’s our Silver Fern?

Thirteen years ago I met one of the great marketers of our time – Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi – who set out on a journey to have the national flag of New Zealand changed to a solid black background and a bright silver fern … a symbol of national pride recognized… More