We helped shape the prosperity of today, and continuously work to cement Edmonton’s position as a global economic powerhouse of tomorrow.

We are wholly owned by the City of Edmonton, governed by an independent Board of Directors and managed by an entrepreneurial team of professionals who clearly understand our customers and how best to engage them.

Who are our customers? Edmonton’s business leaders of today and the future.

We’re responsible for helping to lead the business community as well as contributing to the strategy for economic growth in the region, with specific accountability for:

  • Supporting industry growth and diversification
  • Stimulating entrepreneurism and innovation
  • Marketing the city image in target markets
  • Managing the Shaw Conference Centre
  • Boosting tourism, events and attractions
  • Enriching the Edmonton Research Park

Edmonton Economic Development also works with key stakeholders – the City of Edmonton, Edmonton International Airport, post-secondary institutions, the Government of Alberta, regional economic development agencies, Port Alberta, Productivity Alberta, Northlands and the Chamber of Commerce – to generate prosperity for industry and improve the standard of living for Edmontonians.

History of Edmonton Economic Development

Originally named Economic Development Edmonton, our organization saw its first days of operation beginning on January 1, 1993 – a day recognized as one of the largest milestones in Edmonton’s long and storied history of economic development. The inception of the organization came with a clear mandate to promote a strong, diversified economy and tourism base in the Edmonton region.

But economic development in the Edmonton region began much earlier with the discovery of Leduc No.1 Oil, the first major oil reserve in the area to be successfully tapped. This acted as the catalyst for igniting a brand new industry in our province and propelled our economy into a new era of prosperity for decades to come.

Today, after the amalgamation of four economic development organizations – Edmonton Economic Development Authority, Edmonton Research Park Authority, Edmonton Convention and Tourism Authority and Edmonton Convention Centre Authority – Edmonton Economic Development continues to bring new synergies to regional economic development and tourism activities in the Edmonton region.

Our Mission

To inspire a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness that forever differentiates our city.

Our Vision

Edmonton, Canada’s economic and entrepreneurial powerhouse: A great northern city filled with unlimited entrepreneurship, education and energy that is a beacon toward which people who crave opportunity will come.


Innovative Edmonton

Edmonton is Canada’s economic and entrepreneurial powerhouse. We have the potential to become a global centre for innovation within new and existing industries, creating endless opportunities for investment and employment. Edmonton Economic Development’s work fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and invites companies from around the world to settle, grow and prosper in the Edmonton region.

Destination Edmonton

At Edmonton Economic Development, we strive to deliver exceptional and valuable experiences to every visitor whether they’re here for business, pleasure or a bit of both – something our city makes easy. Edmonton is a cultural hub with a diverse range of opportunities for events, new programs and investments. We’re seen as the destination of choice and one that consistently delivers value.

Brand Edmonton

Edmonton is a unique city filled with remarkable citizens who show passion for their community and have great stories to share. Our goal is to craft one voice, part of a consistent brand that will resonate with the Edmontonians who live it every day, and empower them to communicate the value we bring to the region. Our brand is authentic, just like the people making economic impact in Edmonton.